Connor Gray’s Home On The Internet

An Idea Does Not Exist Until It Has Been Written Down

Hi, I’m Connor Gray 👋.

This website is where I host things I’ve written, mostly about software development.

Open Source Projects

ConnorGray/Organizera TODO and document management application that I use to organize everything I do. Overview »
ConnorGray/NotebookWebsiteTools a notebook-based static website generator (which I use to author this website)
ConnorGray/Vilfram — Vi-like editing for Wolfram Notebooks
wolfram-library-link Rust bindings to the Wolfram LibraryLink interface
clap-markdown Rust library for generating CLI reference documentation for clap apps as Markdown
wolfram-app-discovery CLI tool and Rust library for discovering local Wolfram installations
wolfram-cli Experimental CLI tool providing a prettier CLI interface to Wolfram
wolfram-client Rust client library for launching and sending commands to a Wolfram evaluator
md2nb Markdown to Wolfram Notebook converter CLI program

Reference Pages

These documents are non-narrative collections of techniques and conventions that I’ve learned or developed and have found to be useful.


These pages describe some of the projects I’ve worked on.